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"Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic" - Director's Cut (2 DVD's)

"Laurel and Hardy: Their Lives and Magic" - Director's Cut (2 DVD's)

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The Director´s Cut as a Special Limited
Collector´s  Edition. THE international documentary about the greatest comedy duo ever: "Laurel and Hardy - Their Lives and Magic", written and directed by Andreas Baum.

  • Content

    2 DVDs:

    Disc 1 = Director's Cut of the documentary (105 Min.)


    PAL, regionfree, 16:9

    regionfree (in PAL, will run on all computers and almost all newer DVD players worldwide, which means also in NTSC countries like the USA).

    Languages: Switchable Englisch/French/German

    Running time: appr. 105 miuntes

    Disc 2 = Special Features (70 Min.)

    Special Features

    PAL, regionfree, 16:9 and 4:3

    Regionfree (in PAL, will run on all computers and almost all newer DVD players worldwide, which means also in NTSC countries like the USA)

    Languages: English and German/ subtitles

    Running time: appr. 70 minutes

  • Eine internationale Dokumentation von Andreas Baum

    The international documentary is presenting - besides a lot of funny clips from the best Laurel & Hardy movies - a look behind the scenes and never before published color footage of Stan & Babe and a lot of private photographs, recently discovered archive footage of Laurel & Hardy, rare or unpublished film stills, posters and much more.

    Stan Laurel´s daughter Lois Laurel Hawes said about this movie: "The best documentary about Laurel and Hardy I have ever seen".


    The film was shot on location in the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Germany.

    The documentary is presenting - beside the movie clips etc. - interviews with Laurel & Hardy experts like Hal Roach, Lucille Hardy-Price, Richard W. Bann, Tyler St. Mark, Bart Williams, Chuck McCann and Jim MacGeorge, Phillis Coates, Mark Greenhow or Jean Darling and friends of Stan & Babe like Booth Colman, Jerry Lewis or Marcel Marceau.

    Even Stan Laurels daughter Lois Laurel Hawes has given the author an exclusive interview. That way the documentary is telling very emotionally the story of the worldwide most beloved comedy team: the story of THEIR LIVES AND MAGIC.

  • Special Features

    Bonus material contains:

    - The Last Footage of Stan Laurel in color
    - Stan Laurel, Mr. Clean and the puppets
    - Stans birthday footage from 1964
    - Ida Laurel at a Hollywood convention
    - The complete color footage of Stans funeral at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in La 1965
    - A special with color footage of Babe London in a Hollywood movie actos veterans home and on stage
    - A 5 minute special about Stans yacht, the "Ida May"
    - The complete MGM-Promo-Reel from 1936 with Laurel & Hardy and James Finlayson
    - A short special about Laurel & Hardy in Italy before the beginning of the shooting of “Atoll K“

    - A special about Stans last home, The Oceana Apartment Hotel in Santa Monica/California, then and now, with Lois Laurel-Hawes

    - Morphing sequences with a lot of photographs from Stan and Babe

    As well as additional interviews with:

    Lois Laurel-Hawes, Bart Williams, Chuck McCann & Jim MacGeorge, Tyler St. Mark, Stan Taffel, Irv Hyatt, Stu West, Michael Habeck, Ottfried Fischer, Maddin Schneider, Ingo Appelt

  • In addition

    With 5 exklusive collector's postcards

    Turncover english/ german

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